COBO HOUSE - A beautiful mix of Korean and Italian cuisines

Led by Korean head chef Davin Kim, Cobo House launches an all new menu, collecting the best ingredients from around the globe. Continuing their philosophy of innovation - from starters to desserts, every dish is delicately designed by Davin featuring traditional Korean flavours such as the incorporation of Kimchi. At the same time, knocking in fresh interpretations of Italy’s cuisine, creating unique flavours to each dish.

CHERRY TOMATO (Vegetarian) - $88

An appetizing cold starter, also suitable for vegetarians, with tomatoes freshly delivered from the local farms of Yuen Long. Marinated with Kimchi, adding a slight spiciness to the sourness derived from the tomatoes, creating a sweet and sour flavor, exciting one’s taste buds.


The King Prawn Spoon Pasta uses giant king prawns with a pasta cooked in a strong and fragrant tomato sauce, along with the juice from prawn heads. Lastly, it is topped with a melted mascarpone cheese.


The Soybean Pasta Porchetta uses the most premium quality Korean Pork Belly. The Pork is marinated with Korean soy paste and slowly cooked for 18 hours, ensuring the flavors are deeply cooked into the pork. The mixed vegetables on the side are locally sourced from the local farms of Yuen Long and used to wrap the Soybean Porchetta. The pork is juicy and flavorful disseminating a strong soybean scent. The vegetables wrapped around the pork balances out the fat in the pork, elevating the flavor of each bite.


One of the most common fruits found in the autumn season in Korea is the ‘Perisimmon’. This dessert uses perisommons from Korea. Dried perisommons and mascarpone cheese are wrapped into a pancake. The pancakes are topped with a thick jam made from fresh perisommons. Paired with fresh perisimmons and ice-cream on the side, creating a burst of delight to one’s taste buds.

Address: G/F & 1/F, 8/12 South Lane, Sai Wan, HK
Opening Hours: 12pm – 12am
Tel: 2656 3088
Email: info@cobohouse.com
Website: www.cobohouse.com