Class suspension or spending summer holiday at home doesn’t necessarily suspend learning. D Mind & the Prince Learning Package enables parents to create an immersive English learning environment at home, and cultivate children’s English communication skills through daily lives.

D Mind & the Prince is a bespoke learning programme designed by D Mind Education for children from birth to 6 years old. Its three components—Home Learning Package, Family Club and Family Study Tours—provide and create unique learning experiences for young children.

The programme integrates English language acquisition and personal growth in every possible way by covering global citizenship, moral and value education, critical thinking, art appreciation, and essential life and social skills.

Why D Mind & the Prince?

1. An innovative learning programme developed with an eminent scholar and experts
D Mind & the Prince is a collaboration with a creative team of international writers, illustrators and editors under the consultancy of experts in early childhood education and in the English language.
Our leading consultants are The Minors Nursery School, a prestigious private early education provider, and Professor David Crystal, an eminent scholar in the English language. With their expertise, D Mind & the Prince can assure parents of its quality and effectiveness it pledges to achieve, providing the best for

2. Interactive AI Pen Arousing learning interests and analysing learning progress
To arouse young children’s learning interests, D Mind & the Prince AI Pen creates a fun and interactive reading experience through three powerful functions: reading aloud, game mode and recording.The AI Pen also uses AI technology to collect and record data about children’s usage of the components. On D Mind App, an analytical report will be provided alongside suggestions on further teaching learning.

3. A learning journey that promotes language competency, positive values and art appreciation

Language Competency
D Mind & the Prince present to the little ones the English that natives speak. Children will learn not only useful vocabulary, phrases and expressions, but also American and British English, and language items related to the digital life, becoming expressive and eloquent in conversations in different contexts.

Positive Values
D Mind & the Prince takes the lead in introducing new ideas that have been changing the world: Global Citizenship, Be Green and Digital Natives, while its content places significant emphasis on essential life and social skills. This will broaden children’s horizon, encourage creativity, cultivate positive moral values and develop independence.

Art Appreciation
The picture books of D Mind & the Prince are novel educational art pieces developed by award-winning writers and illustrators from different countries. Each picture book holds a combination of illustrations and words, inspiring children to learn the language, appreciate arts and explore possibilities.

D Mind & the Prince
Comprising over 160 components

Providing the best resources for children and parents
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